Our Team

At the beginning of the launch, we took the option of an anonymous team bio. However, we promise, if there is no conflict from local government regulations, we will open our original bio when we have reached the hardcap.

We build Rocket Protocol honestly and transparently, on the solidity of ROCK tokens we use staking activities verified by etherscan to make it more transparent and without any manipulation of staking activities.

WASP-12 b

A cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been in the crypto world for a long time is also the CEO of 4 crypto platform applications. The founder has experience working on several exchanges and crypto projects whose the tokens are listed on various great exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, OKEX or MXC.

TYC 8998-760-1 b

An IT backend with a lot of experiences in creating crypto or non-crypto applications. and has own agency in the making of those applications. In daily life, this IT expert is busy creating new applications and trading, and also has good relations with various exchanges in token distribution.

Marketing Manager
51 Pegasi b

Our marketing manager has some marketing experiences in building crypto projects, and is an admin in several local crypto groups and a reliable observer of the tokens' prices or crypto coins, the accuracy of the price predictions that is shared reach up to 95% makes him has a lot of follower traders.

Community Manager
GJ 15 A b

Working as an admin group for more than 3 years on several crypto telegram group, and social media management. Content marketing, branding skills, and has excellent communication skills based on the Customer Service Officer.

Graphic Designer

A professional Graphic Designer, with over 12 years of experience on Graphic Design, Video Design, UI Design, 3D Modeling, and Animation. Expert in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Adobe XD, CorelDraw, and Autodesk Maya.

Social Media Manager
55 Cancri e

Experienced working crypto field for more than 4 years. Work with many blockchain projects as community builder and promote some of crypto projects.

DApps and Smartcontract programmer

A programmer, with over 12 years of experience on HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, JQuery, JS. and over 2 years of experience in Solidity, web3.js, and Android Studio (kotlin).