Private sales

Rules :

1. Make sure you have read and understood about the Disclaimer.
2. Do not send your ETH/USDT (ERC20) from the exchanges wallet. Please send the balance from your Metamask wallet.
3. Please send your ETH / USDT (ERC20) balance to this address : *Will be published when the Private Sales launched (only to this address, nothing else).
4. Your ROCK tokens will be distribute after Public Sale ends.
5. We will distribute your ROCK tokens to the same wallet address when you purchased the ROCK token.
6. We will return the funds to the investors who are late making purchases in our Private Sales.


The ROCK token has several functions on the Rocket Protocol platform and becomes the main digital currency on our platform. We also provide several incentive programs that have different systems, functions, rules and rewards, so that the members can choose according to their interests.

rocket protocol function
rocket protocol incentive

Incentive Programs
We created several incentive programs for ROCK token holders so that they get rewards for their stakes. Have different systems, functions, rules and percentages of rewards in which members will get in each incentive program provided.

Burning Process
We will burn 50% of the ROCK tokens which are owned by the Rocket Protocol Team if we are able to hit the hardcap target. And for fees in the form of ROCK tokens for every transaction in some of the products that we create, we will burn there cost to reduce the total supply of ROCK tokens in the hope of increasing the price of ROCK tokens.

rocket protocol burning
rocket protocol development

All ROCK token activities on the Rocket Protocol platform use the existing system on the smart-contract, so all processes are carried out automatically and verified on Etherscan. All members can check directly on Etherscan, everything is more transparent and there is no manipulation of activity on our platform.

web rocket protocol
Token Type : ERC20
Token Ticker : ROCK
Decimal : 18
Total Supply : 100,000,000 ROCK
Hardcap : $1,062,500
Private Sale Price : $0.05
Public Sale : $0.075
Currencies Accepted : ETH, USDT(ERC20)
Token Address : 0xfb2C3f07ffbf55395517AF2e75762eDC978724FD
rocket protocol tokendetail
rocket protocol distribution
Rocket Protocol Fund

Liquidity Pool (Locked for 1 Year)


Rocket Protocol Development




Marketing and Promotions


web rocket protocol

Locked for our incentive programs (staking, reinvest, leveling of stake and VIP staking), unlocked when the platform is live. Allocation 58,500,000 ROCK

Marketing and Partnership. Allocation 2,500,000 ROCK

Incentive tokens (for liquidity). Allocation 11,000,000 ROCK

Team (Locked for 2 years, but if hit the hardcap, 50% will be burned). Allocation 10,000,000 ROCK

Event and campaign. Allocation 500,000 ROCK

Private sales (Token distribution after public sale ends). Allocation 10,000,000 ROCK

Public sales. Allocation 7,500,000 ROCK